Our guesthouse is right across the street from the town movie theater.

When you arrive in Akranes there is a roundabout. Take the first paved exit (not the gravel one) to Kalmansbraut. Drive past the camping ground to your right and a gas station until there is a small roundabout. Drive straight through it, second exit.
Drive straight on through the only traffic lights in Akranes. On the other side of the traffic lights the road is named Kirkjubraut. Keep going straight. When you see a church on your right, you are close to the end of the road. Take a left on Vesturgata by the end of the road.

Drive on Vesturgata until you see a big and beautiful white house with red roof on the left, with a statue of a husband and wife in the garden. They’re our next door neighbours. Our guesthouse is the next house beside it. You will see a small sign “Teigur” in a window on the first floor.

You can park in the gravel parking lot by our house on the Vesturgata side, or you can turn left into Háteigur street and park there on the right side of the road. Walk up the steps to the first floor and knock on our door.

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